6 Most scenic roads in the region of Sardinia that you should drive on

Sardinia is considered as the best reason for people who like tourism. It is because of not the region itself but the roads that make travelling towards Sardinia beautiful and refreshing. You have to know the scenic roads of Sardinia if you want to visit any time soon.

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Sardinia6 Most scenic roads you should know about in Sardinia

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1. Coastal road: Alghero-Bosa

This route is best for people who want to ride bikes. The road is full of curves and straight parts; however, the entire road is very beautiful, and you will enjoy the right to its fullest. It will also make you feel absolute freedom, and you will feel like you are driving within a piece of heaven.

2. Panoramic road to Villasimus from Cagliari

It is also one of the beautiful routes you can explore within Sardinia. The best thing about this road is that it is home to many of the beaches present in Sardinia. You will have a full view of the beaches and waterside while driving on this route.

3. Road from Fontanamare to Masua

It is further towards the famous three villages present in Sardinia. The road itself is very scenic because you will come across wildlife and nature. It will let you explore even the minor details of nature. The route is 8 km long, and it will take you up to 15 minutes.

4. Baunei-Dorgali SS 125

if you like to travel between the mountains among tall trees and wild nature, this is the route for you. It is going to show you some of the beautiful and scenic Views From The hilly area. You will also experience the fresh breeze, which will leave you refreshed. The root is nearly 50 km long, and it will take you up to an hour to complete the road.

5. Chia-Teulada

It is also one of the breathtaking routes and Sardinia. You will come across a lot of coves and beaches that have Crystal Clear Water. Seeing the beauty of white sandy beaches will leave you mesmerized for the entire way. It is up to 25 km long, and it will take you 40 to 45 minutes.

6. Road 125 Orientale Sarda – Campu Omu

This road is also surrounded by nature, including waterfalls and a lot of vegetation. You will come across greenery on your way. This road is 28 km long, and it will take you 30 to 35 minutes to cover the entire route.


Sardinia is considered beautiful because of its breathtaking roads and pathways. Some of the roots that you can explore during your visit are discussed in detail.