Best Beaches to Explore in Calabria in a Rental Car

CalabriaIt won’t be wrong to say that Calabria is the beautiful destination sitting on the toe of the Italian boot. Surrounded on three sides by water, Calabria has 800 kilometres of stunning coastline. While the destination is lesser-known, but it is a heaven for beach lovers who want to relax amidst spectacular natural beauty and have an off-the-beaten-path experience. The rugged shores on the western side are touched by the majestic Tyrrhenian Sea, while the Ionian Sea covers the southern and eastern coastlines of Calabria. There are many beautiful beaches in Calabria, and you will be confused about which ones to explore.

If you want to make the best of your holiday to Calabria and you don’t want to miss out on the beaches, then it is best to rent a car. There are many car rental companies in Calabria, and it is possible to easily compare car rental plans online. You can even do a car rental comparison once you arrive in Calabria and check into your resort or hotel. Getting cheap car rentals in Calabria is relatively easy as there is a rental car to fit every budget here.

Since most beaches in Calabria are located close to one another, you can easily park your rental car at the city centre and walk down to the golden sandy beaches.

1. Tropea Beach

Tropea Beach is one of the most stunning attractions in Calabria. Due to this, the beach is also one of the most photographed places in Calabria, and you will often find Tropea Beach gracing the covers of tourism brochures and websites. The old town of Calabria has been built into the edge of a cliff, and the sheer rock wall ends at the beach. Furthermore, a craggy headland of the town sticks out into the Tyrrhenian Sea. At the same time, a winding staircase goes up from the beach to the Santa Maria dell’Isola located on top of this tiny island.

The water here is crystal clear, and the breathtaking view you get from atop the old town’s hilltop piazza is worth the visit. The white sandy beach contrasts nicely with the emerald sea waters spread out in front of the beach.

2. Scilla Beach

This picturesque beach belongs to an old fishing town in Calabria and contrasts with the modern resort of Scilla nearby. Located on the northern part of the Strait of Messina, the Scilla Beach is part of the Daisy Coast and gets its name from the beautiful lilac-colored water.

The Scilla Beach is a mix of sandy and gravel in certain parts. Many water games are offered here, including water skiing, surfing, and scuba diving. The beautiful underwater stones and coral reefs here make it a great diving destination.

3. Caminia Beach

The Camino or Kaminia Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches you will find across the Orange Coastline of Calabria. The beach is surrounded by majestic mountains, and the heady mix of mountain-sea air draws visitors to this beach.

There are many beautiful reefs on the northern part of the beach, making it a popular spot for photo shoots. The sea in front of this beach is very calm, and there are almost no waves here as Caminia is a bay and the mountains act as natural breakwaters.

From here, you can easily visit Santa Severina to check out the magnificent castle from the 11th century.