The best beaches in Sicily – Which Sicily Beach is Best For You?

Sicily is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and is popularly known for its dramatic coastline. You can’t deny the rich history, culture, heritage, and natural beauty of Sicily, and the same goes for beaches too.

These beaches are the best to invest your summertime beside the white sands and warm waters through the stony stretches and imposing cliffs. Then why not explore some of the best exotic beaches in Sicily. Keep on reading.

The best beaches in SicilySan Vito lo Capo

On the far north-western bank of Sicily lies a safe house for beachgoers. Encircled by mountainous territory, the way to San Vito lo Capo is an amazing journey in itself. Spreads of open fields, vineyards, and olive forests open to uncover a town of whitewashed shoreline homes which was before the joint of neighbourhood angler. With an inclination likened to seashores found in the Caribbean, San Vito Lo Capo offers visitors fine white sands avoided by completely clear waters and grand palms. The wide sound gives a lot of room to make your pocket of the seashore. If snorkelling or diving takes your fancy, the nearby coves and grottos are home to plenty of sea life.


In case you’re searching for some place to take an off and lost in the deep waters, Mondello is only a 30-minute transport ride away awaiting you. Here, you’ll find 1.5 km of white sand and shallow purplish blue ocean that is humming all through the long Italian summer. Until the mid-twentieth century, when the zone was created by a Belgian property designer, Modello was marshland generally got to by angler. Today, the region invites local people and vacationers the same as an astounding swim spot. At the point when your consideration isn’t focused on the charming seashore scene laid before you, set aside an effort to appreciate the building wealth of Liberty Style manors.


For a heavenly seashore day from the groups, appreciate as local people do with umbrellas and cool boxes at Calamosche. Indeed, even on weekends and public occasions, the sandy seashore concealed in protected bay figures out how to get away from the hurling hordes of other Sicilian seashores. The waters here are perfect and clear, with a progressive ocean rack that makes a pool-like vibe. In case you’re searching for lunch, the nearby agriturismo eatery presents awesome dishes that are sourced and cooked locally for probably the freshest fish on the island.

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