Top 5 Best Golf Courses In Sardinia

If you want to visit Italy for your next vacation Sardinia is one of the best places you should not miss visiting. There are a lot of activities you can perform at the location and there are also many places you can visit. If you are into Golf it is very likely that you will love this place because it provides you with the best golf courses. You can take advantage of car rental companies in Sardinia because they can provide you with cheap car rental.

Top 5 Best Golf Courses In SardiniaTop 5 best golf courses in Sardinia you cannot miss

Sardinia is the home to various Golf courses. You can also rent a car at an affordable price however you should go for a car rental comparison. When you compare car rental it provides you to know which rental cars will be affordable for you. Car rental is very easy to get at this location.

1. Pevero Golf Club

This is the ideal combination of beach and golf courses. The Plainfield, which is levelled and suitable for golf, makes it one of the best settings for golf courses in all of Italy. It’s quite refreshing to have the best Italian Golf Course combined with the seashore, making it the ideal golfing location. You can learn the greatest golf at some of Italy’s most stunning and breathtaking locations.

2. Puntaldia Golf Club

It’s one of the most opulent and costly golf courses in the world. It also offers other sports-related courses, such as horseback riding and swimming. It is a well-known club with a large number of active members throughout Italy.

If you enrol in a golf course here, you will quickly become one of the top golfers in the country. It also gives you the opportunity to meet many of the top golfers in the world who are members of the club.

3. Tanka Golf & Country Club

It is a natural setting that offers a superb Golf Course as well as scenic splendour. The Golf Course has been in operation for ten years, making it one of the most experienced and well-known golf clubs in the area

Along with that, it features a lake, which makes the golf course incredibly refreshing. By receiving a golf course from this site in Italy, you can learn how to play the greatest golf.

4. Is Molas Golf Club

In no time, you can learn to play golf at the best tourist sites in Italy. Many people trust it, and the majority of them have gone on to become successful golfers. You should not pass up the chance to play golf in such a lovely setting while learning all of the important tips and methods.

5. Botanic Golf SaCuba

For a long time, it has been a successful golf club that has taught many individuals how to play the greatest golf. It is one of the most attractive tourist sites in Italy, and it is a great place to learn golf in a gorgeous setting.

It boasts a seasoned course supplier as well as a number of members who are well-known for their ability to play the best golf. Because of the panoramic splendour, you can spend many hours here without being exhausted.


Sardinia in Italy is one of the best locations for golf courses. Some of the famous Golf courses are discussed in detail. You can find many others if you are interested in playing golf within beautiful locations.