Top Beautiful Vineyards and Wineries to visit in Tuscany

Whether you go to Tuscany for its charming natural environment, or you are up for some adventure, visiting the vineyards and Wineries will always be a fun thing to do. So, to make your experience better you can get a rental car to visit all of these places in Tuscany. One thing you need to consider is that you should compare car rental services to find the cheapest rates.

Top Beautiful Vineyards and Wineries to visit in TuscanyThe best wineries to visit in Tuscany:

The following are some vineyards and wineries that you must not miss visiting when you are in Tuscany.


Antinori is a family-based winery and vineyard that has been running since 1385 so it is considered a historical place. However, they updated themselves and made a cutting-edge winery building in 2013 to make sure that they keep manufacturing the best wine in the place. One of the best things about this place is that you can visit the rooftop restaurant. Make sure to get rental cars because this is a big place to visit.


This is one of the most well-known places for wine production because of its extremely good quality wine production. This is because their wine is made with only Sangiovese grapes. The building and the style of the vineyard is also great because of the unique way of setting the buildings and vineyards. If you want to know about the procedure and the major steps included in that procedure, you can easily get to know about this from them.

Badia a Coltibuono

This is a place that has been producing wine since the 11th century and its interesting thing is that the traditional ways of making wine are still being followed. Here the wine is produced in huge oak barrels which enhance the taste and aroma of wine as it fermented. With the wine tasting, you can also enjoy the Tuscan cuisine from the on-site restaurant where freshly prepared meals are served for the customers.

Barone Ricasoli

This is a place that looks almost like a castle with its walls surrounding the inside building and outside the walls, there are vineyards. This place is known for the production of wine since 1141 and it covers almost 240 acres of land with only vineyards. So, if you are looking to test some of the historical recipes of winemaking, make sure to visit this place. Another thing to make sure of is to rent a car from the car rental companies so that you have no inconvenience during your visit. You can rent cars cheap in Italy and the options are huge. But beware of driving in major cities, because the traffic can be intense.


This is the last place that we are going to discuss here, and it is surprisingly one of the oldest ones known for the production of wine. It has been producing wine since 840AD. For the production of wine, different types of grapes are used here, and its restaurant and wine bar is open from March to December so everyone can visit it then.

Having a car rental comparison means that you will be finding the best option according to your budget and requirements. So, when you visit Tuscan, you can visit these vineyards and wineries and if you want to get the best experience, make sure to rent a car. Compare prices on car hire and book online before you go, to get the best deal.