Top beaches in Sardinia that will amaze you

Top beaches in Sardinia that will amaze youAre you Looking to spend the summer with all the beach vibes, Sardinia is the best place for you? It is because this place has so much to offer and this will not cost you a fortune. The best part is that if you get rental cars from the car rental companies, then you will be saving more.

It Is because the rental cars will save you from the expenditure of taxis and the frustration of the local traffic. You can easily pick up your hire car at the airport or in the major cities in Sardinia. There are a lot of beaches to visit in Sardinia and here are some of the best.

The beaches that must not be missed in Sardinia

The following are the best beaches that you must visit in Sardinia.

1. Cala Goloritze-Baunei

This is the beach that is located in the south of the Gulf of Rosie and on the north of Arbatax. The amazing thing about going here is that you can either visit it by car, or by sea, but the most interesting thing is that you can take a trekking trip if you select to come by car that will be an additional adventure. This is the best beach in Sardinia because of its natural beauty. Another amazing thing about beauty is the water that is ultra-transparent, and it is usually cool because there are some frozen river streams nearby

2. Porto Istana-Olbia

This beach is located on the south of Olbia and its main attraction is the white sand of the place and the transparent water that looks amazing during the daylight. You can easily access this beach by road and the best way to visit it is by car. If you are looking for bathing and playing in the water, then this will be one of the best places in the whole of Sardinia. The place is also well known for its relationship with the divers and surfers.

3. Spiaggia Del Principe-Arzachena

This is a beach that has a forest on one side and the beach also has a rocky structure at its sides that make it exceptionally beautiful. Just like most of the beaches in Sardinia, this beach also has crystal clear water and white sand that make the best combination. However, what makes this beach more beautiful is the rocky sides. Some locals call this one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Sardinia.

4. Porto Giunco Beach-Villasimius

If you are in a hurry to visit a beach without going far away from your hotel, then this might be the best beach for you. It is because of the following reasons. It is only 40 km away from the town of Villasimius. The sand here is as good as that of the whole of Sardinia’s beaches. The light blue water makes this a great scenery. The place can also sometimes have some pink flamingos visiting it that will make it even More beautiful.

Sardinia is the place where you can visit as many beaches as you like because it is surrounded by water. However, travelling could be an issue. This is why we suggest renting a car after you compare car rental companies. The best thing about this is car rental comparison will get you the best price. This will make your trip to Sardinia more fun and peaceful. Rent a car and discover the island without any time pressure. A car will make your vacation more interesting and fun.